EH36 steel and LR AH36 passenger ship steel to New Delhi

EH36 steel and LR AH36 passenger ship steel to New Delhi

The grades specified in the GB712-2011 ship and marine engineering structural steel standard are: Grade A, B, D, E, AH32, DH32, EH32, FH32, AH36, DH36, EH36, FH36, AH40, DH40, EH40, FH40, AH420, LR AH36 passenger ship steel, DH420, EH420, FH420, AH460, DH460, EH460, FH460, AH500, DH500, EH500, FH500, AH550, DH550, EH550, FH550, AH620, DH620, EH620, FH620, AH690, DH690, EH690, FH690.

Plate 20 to 30mm thick LR AH36 passenger ship steel product: 20*1400*11400, 20*2100*7000, 20*2500*6200, 20*2933*7300, 20*3200*4400, 20.9*2851*7000, 21*2100*8810, 21.5*1630*13480, 22*3400*13000, 23.1*2590*7790, 25*1950*10150, 25*1950*9700, 25*2100*8400, 25*2100*8650, 25*2400*11600, 25*2400*8200, 28*2170*13000, 30*1600*10720, 30*1600*8600.

Cleveland cliffs announced on March 13 that it had completed the acquisition of AK LR AH36 passenger ship steel steel, foreign media reported In the transaction of holding), shareholders of Cleveland cliffs and AK steel respectively voted on the US billion acquisition agreement at their respective shareholders' meeting to complete the resolutions required for the announcement of acquisition of AK steel LR AH36 passenger ship steel at the beginning of the year. The acquisition is Cleveland cliffs' first foray into steel manufacturing.

With the development of multimodal transport in the international shipping market and the increase of the complexity of the integrated transport chain, modern ports, as the intersection of the three transportation modes of sea, land and air, are developing from traditional transfer and product distribution functions to all-round value-added services, becoming the central link connecting the world's production, exchange, distribution and consumption, and supporting the world economy and international trade An important part of the developed international circulation system.

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