Manufacturing process of normal strength RE flat bars

Manufacturing process of normal strength RE flat bars

There are 40 tons 6mm thin plate ABS Grade A hot rolled sheet. Supply specification(mm): 6*1700*10000, 6*3180*5000, 6.5*2700*11000, 6.5*2000*12000, 6*3180*4000, 6*2590*4000, 6*3330*4700, 6.5*2200*10000, 6.5*2200*9300, 6*3330*5100, 6*1820*12000, 6*3450*4200, 6.5*2200*9500, 6*2050*10650, 6*2050*11400, 6*1700*7000, 6*3360*5600. For shipbuilding steel AB-A, ABS A plates, normal strength RE flat bars stock and price, welcome to feel free to contact us.

Hot rolled normal strength RE flat bars product stock size: 12*1600*91000, 25*1950*10250, 25*1950*10150, 14*2000*10000, 12*1600*10000, 16*1500*9340, 60*2020*6100, 25*1950*9700, 14*2000*13500, 75*2390*4320, 16*1500*9340, 50*2740*13460, 20*2100*10700, 20*2500*6200, 60*1750*9100, 34*1900*12000, 12*2050*5100, 45*2010*10000, 25*2100*8650, 70*2270*7600, 16*1500*9340, 6*1950*10000, 30*2000*7630, 20*2100*11600, 70*2260*7950, 34*1900*12000.

In the first quarter of 2020, the output of EU steel pipe industry decreased by 13.3% year-on-year, but it is considered to be flexible due to its close connection with the normal strength RE flat bars construction industry. However, demand for large welded pipes is expected to remain weak in the oil and gas industry. In 2020, the steel consumption of steel pipe industry will account for 13% of EU normal strength RE flat bars steel consumption market. Uestf predicts that in 2020, the output of steel pipe industry will continue the downward trend of 2019, with a year-on-year decrease of 19.4%, and a rebound of 9.8% in 2021.

normal strength RE flat bars, Hot rolled seamless tube is usually produced on automatic tube rolling mill. After the solid tube blank is inspected and the surface defects are removed, it is cut to the required length, centered on the end face of the piercing end of the tube blank, then sent to the heating furnace for heating, and perforated on the piercing machine.

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