KE40 offshore steel sheet stock in Kuwait

KE40 offshore steel sheet stock in Kuwait

At present, BBN steel has successfully developed Grade D40, E40 and other high-strength and high-toughness structural steel plates for offshore engineering, E550 and other quenched and tempered ultra-high-strength offshore platform steels, KE40 offshore steel sheet, API 2W Gr50 and other TPCP platform steels, and DH36-Z35 offshore oil platform steel, SM490, SM400 series of H-shaped steel for offshore oil platforms, etc., basically formed the serialization of high-strength steel for offshore platforms.

The market mentality tended to be cautious, and the market prices in most regions were adjusted in a narrow range. In terms of resources, the current market inventory continues to digest, but due to the high output of KE40 offshore steel sheet, and the off-season effect of downstream demand is still continuing, resulting in a slow de stocking speed. In the short term, in the case of poor shipment of high price resources and cautious market mentality, it is expected that the price of KE40 offshore steel sheet in the short term may be in weak consolidation operation.

The main applications of normalizing are as follows:① For low carbon steel, KE40 offshore steel sheet. The hardness of low carbon steel after normalizing is slightly higher than that after annealing, and the toughness is also better, so normalizing can be used as the pretreatment of cutting.② For medium carbon steel, normalizing can be used as the final heat treatment instead of quenching and tempering treatment, or as the preparation treatment before surface quenching by induction heating.③ Normalizing can be used in tool steel, bearing steel, carburizing steel and so on, which can eliminate or inhibit the formation of network carbide, thus obtaining the good microstructure needed for spheroidizing annealing.④ Normalizing can refine the cast structure and improve the machinability of steel castings.

Thin steel plate is a kind of steel plate material that is thinner in thickness. Generally, steel plate with thickness less than or equal to 4mm is called thin steel plate. As we all know, the steel products we usually see are also divided into different thicknesses. The strength, performance and scope of application of different thickness steel plates, KE40 offshore steel sheet are also different. Today, we will talk about some related knowledge of thin steel plates, and take you to understand the characteristics and uses of thin steel plates.

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