Direct sale normal strength hull structural steel GL-B

Direct sale normal strength hull structural steel GL-B

On August 29th Clients from Senegal visited us-Zhengzhou office and wanted to know more about BBN to build a long relationship. They have a big demand of ship building steel plates with thickness 6mm and thickness 8mm LR AH36 shipping steel normal strength hull structural steel GL-B plates to Senegal Navy, and our strong advantage in offering these ship building steel plates make us begin to build a steady cooperation relationship with Senegal clients. BBN has always supplied high quality ship plates with stable supply. Soon he placed 15 containers of LR AH36 shipping steel plates to BBN.

General Administration of Customs: China's normal strength hull structural steel GL-B and so on steel export in December was 4.684 million tons. According to data released by the General Administration of Customs on Tuesday, China's steel imports in December 2019 were 1.483 million tons, and the total imports in 2019 were 12.304 million tons, down 6.5% from 1316.6 in 2018. China's steel export in December 2019 was 4.684 million tons, and the annual export volume in 2019 was 64.293 million tons, 7.3% less than 69.335 million tons in 2018.

Most common normal strength hull structural steel GL-B steel plates are rolled by hot rolling or controlled rolling. Compared with the general hot rolling process, the advantages of controlled rolling are: the strength and low temperature toughness of steel plates are greatly improved by controlled rolling to refine grains. In addition, the controlled rolling process can give full play to the role of Microalloying Elements Nb, V and Ti, not only play a role of precipitation strengthening, but also refine the grains, and improve the toughness of the rolled normal strength hull structural steel GL-B steel plates.

The company's main steel plate varieties: normal strength hull structural steel GL-B, boiler pressure vessel plate, low-alloy plate and high-strength plate, bridge plate, alloy plate, carbon steel, wear-resistant plate, pipeline steel, nuclear power steel, wind power and hydropower steel, ship plate, building structural steel, Die steel, military steel plate, hydrogen steel plate and various special steels, etc.

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