Teach you how to choose ah32 ah36 dh36 marine steel plate

Teach you how to choose ah32 ah36 dh36 marine steel plate

VLE460 steel plate grade analysis: "VL" stands for the abbreviation of "DNVGL", which is the standard certified by the two classification societies of DNV (Norway) and GL (Germany). VL E460 hull steel characteristics: good welding and other properties. It is suitable for repairing ships and main structures of naval vessels. Naval steel is required to have higher strength, better toughness, blast resistance and resistance to deep water collapse.

High quality steel sheet and plate product AH32 AH36 DH36 marine steel plate supply 10.5*1970*7950, 13*1300*4350, 11*1900*12500, 12.5*2870*7100, 11*1870*12500, 10.5*1970*8000, 13*1520*7950, 11*1910*9000, 12.5*2900*8250, 11*1870*13500, 10.5*2350*6200, 14*1440*6100, 11*3100*10000, 13*1510*4850, 11*1870*9300, 11*1570*12000, 14*1800*9750, 11.5*2640*7600, 13*2380*6000, 11*2400*10000.

"Turkey has filed a lawsuit against EU steel import tariffs with the world trade organization, the trade ministry said Friday. In February 2019, the European Union said that the sharp increase of Turkish steel imports ah32 ah36 dh36 marine steel plate seriously threatened the steel producers in member countries. The European Union has set import quotas for 26 kinds of steel products and imposed a 25% tariff on future steel products for three years.

We have efficient and quick logistic team service. We promise that after the customer places the order, the spot products will be shipped, processed, and cut on the same day. The steel ah32 ah36 dh36 marine steel plate products will be shipped in 2-5 days according to the characteristics of the product. The company has always been adhering to the service concept of "integrity, pragmatism, enthusiasm" and dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality steel products and after-sales service.

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